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Form - Service Agreement.pdfAutomatic Withdrawal Authorization Form


Facility-Capital Improvement Fees 07-01-2024.pdfFacility-Capital Improvement Fees 07-01-2023.pdfFacility-Capital Improvement Fees 07-01-2022.pdfFacility-Capital Improvement Fees 07-01-2021.pdfFacility-Capital Improvement Fees 07-01-2020.pdfFacility-Capital Improvement Fees 2019.pdfFacility-Capital Improvement Fees 07-01-2018Water Rates Effective 07-01-24 .pdfWater Rates Effective 07-01-23 .pdfWater Rates Effective 07-01-22.pdfWater Rates Effective 09-01-21.pdfWater Rates 07-01-2021.pdfWater Rates 07-01-2020.pdfWater Rates 07-01-2019.pdfWater Rates 07-01-2018Sewer Rates Effective 07-01-24.pdfSewer Rates Effective 07-01-23.pdfSewer Rates Effective 07-01-22.pdfSewer Rates Effective 09-01-21.pdfSewer Rates 07-01-2021.pdfSewer Rates 07-01-2020.pdfSewer Rates 07-01-2019.pdfSewer Rates 07-01-2018Storm Drain Rates Effective 07-01-24.pdfStorm Drain Rates Effective 07-01-23.pdfStorm Drain Rates Effective 07-01-22.pdfStorm Drain Rates Effective 09-01-21.pdfStorm Drain Rates 07-01-2021.pdfStorm Drain Rate 07-01-2020.pdfDrainage Rates 07-01-2019.pdfDrainage Rates 07-01-2018Other Fees and Charges Effective 07-01-24.pdfOther Rates Effective 07-01-23.pdfOther Rates Effective 07-01-22.pdfOther Rates Effective 09-01-21.pdfOther Rates 07-01-2020.pdfOther Rates 07-01-2019.pdfOther Rates 07-01-2018

2017-04-04 Mandatory Water Restrictions
2016-04-01 Mandatory Water Restrictions
AB-2040: Employee Compensation per AB 2040 (effective Jan 1, 2015)
2014-08-06 Mandatory Emergency Water Restrictions
Hilmar County Water District Code, adopted 7/5/2011
2010 Ordinance 1.pdf

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